PPP Orange


Permaprint Premium Orange is a 100% solvent-free water based ink designed for direct printing on a wide range of substrates including paper, cardboard, tyvek, coated metals and more. With PPP, there is no need to heat cure and once air dried, it has great resistance to water and normal wear. Always test your inks on the substrate to ensure proper adhesion prior to production for desired look and effect when fully dried.

PPP Orange is specifically designed for color matching, enabling the ink to produce over 900 colors when mixed with other PPP Mixing System inks. Along with its excellent screen stability and easy clean-up, it is free of lead and other heavy metals, and has zero flash point making it exempt from flammable liquid regulations.

*Permaprint Premium should not be used on textiles or substrates that are machine washable, as it will not hold up well and can result in heavy fading, cracking or complete washout.


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