November 5th Demo

When we ask our customers why they chose to print water base, many of them say they added the capability to beat out the local competition. By offering a superior product, their competitors can't underbid them. In fact, they can't even quote a similar job because they don't know how to do it. Establishing higher expectations in your customers will help keep the cheap printers away.

Water-based ink used to only be for 100% cotton. By looking at the syllabus for our demo below, you can see the diversity in modern water-based ink.

Let us teach you how to move ahead of the competition on Saturday, November 5th. From 8:30 to 4:30, we will be running workshops on both manual and automatic equipment.

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Garment Printing - Wearables / Cotton & Blends - 2 hr

Promotional Products (Air-dry) - Nylon, Non-woven Poly, Leather, etc. - 1.5 hr

Poster & Graphic - Paperstock, Cardboard, Coroplast - 1.5 hr

Water-base Transfers - Printing transfers with Water-base - 1 hr

Tim Dunham
Tim Dunham


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